Welcome to my corner of the inter webs

Symian is the collective work of James Symonds. I am a freelance designer and maker working in graphic design, exhibition design, graphic moving image and stage production. This website primarily acts as my online portfolio. If you want a more personal insight into how I work, please visit my instagram page.

Working directly with clients, design teams and contractors has furnished me with effective interpersonal skills, and an ability to coordinate multi-dimensional projects from conception to delivery. My experience covers an unusually varied set of disciplines, which has both informed and enhanced my output as a creative practitioner. I have a broad and useful knowledge base that reinforces my effectiveness at problem solving. Strong research skills and a love of visual experimentation underpins my productivity.

If anything you see here sparks something in you, and you want to find out more - or better yet, talk about a project, then feel free to contact me. Thanks for stopping by.

My favouite projects

Degenerate Music

Moving Image for performance

The Looking Glass

Daphne Guinness Music Video

Obelós Ash Casket

Product Design

Parametric Wall Sculpture

Exhibition Display

Reflections Window Display

Mapped animation

NFE 2024

Exhibition Design

My current showreel