Obelós Ash Casket

Pet Ash Casket June 2021 Product Design

This was a personal project undertaken during my time at Robinson House Studio - a tapered ash casket designed for a much loved and missed pet. Using thin sycamore wedges to obtrude bog oak veneer sides, the triangular containers have asymmetrical angled lids that lift off to reveal a pale sycamore interior. The lower section is designed to safely contain the ashes and is sealed using a threaded bog oak threaded stopper. The top section is kept free to house keepsakes and mementos. Two caskets were made, one finished with a satin hardwax oil that retains the open grain of the oak, while the second uses a full gloss lacquer.

I later pitched the Obelós to manufacturer J C Atkinson as a keepsake ash casket. After further development with Oasis Coffins, the Obelós went into full production in 2023 - using solid beech wood in two colours, and is now available through the Co-operative Funeralcare throughout the UK.

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