Degenerate Music - The Show

Peter Brathwhaite (Tenor), Nigel Foster (Pianist), James Symonds (Visuals) January 2016 Performance & Motion Design

Degenerate Music brings together song, visuals and spoken word in an effort to recover the lesser-known works of composers silenced by the Nazi regime. The show is a reimagining of the infamous Entartete Musik (Degenerate Music) exhibition of 1938, intended by the Nazi government to alert the German public to “inferior and ultimately dangerous” forms of music, particularly jazz and Jewish music.

Premiering at the 2014 London Song Festival, the show was extensively developed for a performance at The Manchester Jewish Museum in 2016, and has subsequently been featured on BBC Radio, toured the UK and been presented in Studio Niculescu in Berlin.

The visual components directly illustrate the hardships faced by targeted minorities in Nazi Germany, with a fire motif alluding to the eradication of Jewish culture and identity through brutal repression.

Degenerate Music – The Show
Performance recorded at The Manchester Jewish Museum

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