The Looking Glass

Music video for Daphne Guinness Aug 2020 Promotional Launch

Where to start with Daphne Guinness.... singer, socialite, muse, icon - utterly bonkers in the best possible way. Having asked photographer Etienne Gilfilan to come up with a concept for her track 'The Looking Glass', Etienne approached me to turn his idea into reality.

Working in the midst of the first covid lockdown , footage and direction took place in isolation via the 'new' medium of zoom - with Daphne in L.A., Etienne in London and myself in Sussex.

The result was a black and white presentation that plays homage to early 20th century experimental film makers - such as Max Ernst, Hans Richter and Jean Cocteau. As Daphne jouneys through the portals of her inner mind, she faces the repitition of personal torments, eventually reaching a place of self awareness, acceptance and enlightenment.

Upon completion, I was quickly asked for a reworking of the origianl promo for the Hector Fonseca remix

'The Looking Glass' - written and perforned by Daphne Guinness
Music production by Toni Visconti
Promo created by Etienne Gilfillan and James Symonds
Additional filming by Teri Toeun

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