In conversation with Daphne Guinness and Tony Visconti Sept 2020 Documentary

Off the back of creating a music video for the launch of her third album, Daphne Guiness asked Etienne Gilfillan and myself to produce a 15 minute promotional documentary. Taking a pre recorded coversation between Daphne and her music producer, Toni Visconti, we reworked the footage and added a series of animated sequences to create a 15 minute online video for GQ Magazine.

Getting to work on a project with Daphne and legendary producer Toni Visconti - the man behind the albums of T Rex and David Bowie - was a utter joy. The creation of a virtual representation of Les Studio Saint Germain, where the Revelations album was recorded, under pins and frames the frank discussion of the album's origins and Daphne's inspiration.

In coversation with Daphne Guiness and Toni Visconti - Directed by Etienne Gilfillan and James Symonds
3D modelling and composition - James Symonds
Additional photography - Etienne Gilfillan and Teri Toen
Contributer - Mark Wardel

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