Parametric Wall Sculpture

Pet Ash Casket June 2021 Product Design

Commissed to design and build a parametric wall display that could hold a number of products, I began the creative process by looking at sedimentary rock formations. The curved slices cut from 18mm birch ply provide a softer, more organic shape, reminiscent of rock eroded by wind, and allowed for shelving to ermege from the rear. The tree is a direct represenation of the J C Atkinson logo icon, and is positioned next to a large projected video screen, showing promotinal films and animations.

This 3m x 4m sculptural wall display unit was designed in Fusion 360, cut on a cnc router and assembled at Robinson House studio. Made in 16 sections for ease of transport, and with over 650 individually cut pieces... it became something of a labour of love and needed to be meticulously labelled.

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