Treatment for a music promo for Alex Marchisone Feb 2021 Film Making and Animation

In the run up to the launch of his alblum, Alex Marchisone asked Etienne Gilfillan to create a short film for an instrumental track entitled 'Spores'. The film was to be realeased to coincide with Forest Day (March 21st) 2021. Etienne approached me to put together a treatment based on some primary photography he was shooting at the time.

Dream like, hallucinatory - the aim was to follow 'the cycle and journey' of a single spore using a mixture of animation, in camera experimentation focusing on refracted light and caputred video.

Presented here is a 1 minute clip demonstrating the techniques and structure that I thought would work well for the promo.

'Spores' by Alex Marchisone
Primary photography - Etienne Gilfillan and James Symonds
3D animation and composition - James Symonds

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